Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Ready to Move Flats in Noida 9811022750

Kumar linkers given multiple options for new home in the form of ready to move flats and apartments. And its good time to invest in ready to move flats. Ready to move flats are available in most affordable price with full of amenities. We provide full furnished, semi furnished ready to move flats in Noida and Ghaziabad.

Kumar linkers entertain their clients with friendly nature and guided to invest in ready to move property where input can give their returns

Now the real estate services Kumar next services have been started for those people that are seeking to enter live flats / Villas in Noida. Kumar linkers are now a point where it connects the buyer can come and get ready to move apartments / villas in reasonable price, along with all the real estate solutions. Kumar linkers take all the responsibility for mortgage loan, to fund the work and Registration.

Kumar linkers has a wide range of housing projects that are in operation and the people reside in their societies by making use of all services and with great style of life. Kumar linkers canter for all the segments of home buyers looking for ready for floors / Villas. Kumar linkers has dedicated professionals for resale that are very well informed and have great experience to serve your customers and close the friendly treatment.

Real Estate Kumar linkers is situated in the sector - 63 Noida, which is one of the places highly happening in Noida and its accessibility it is very convenient to reach.

Monday, 4 May 2015

IT Plots in Noida for Sale- 9811022750

Invest your money in ITPlots in Noida is a worthwhile investment as the real estate market of Noida are pressuring the north due to the quality and modern and better infrastructure and the easy accessibility of labour. Noida is to have roads more spacious as compared to other neighbouring towns and a large parking area for the new IT Buildings. The city is taking a good transport through the roads, buses, and metro, that the ease to toggle the people inside and outside of the city, Noida is using the concept of vegetation in the road that joins the beauty of the city. All the IT plots in Noida are surrounded by Noida expressway and these are parcels of land in Noida highway that has a good connectivity with Noida - Greater Noida Expressway or highway Yamuna in Agra.
IT Plots in Noida are independent and you can adobe them according to your preference, since they are independent by what they can in if considered as a point of reference in Noida. IT / ITES plot comes with 2.5 FAR (Floor Area Ratio) according to rules of construction Noida Authority. Apart from 2.5 now, the plots are allowed to make 2 basement parking and a parking stilts on the ground floor which gives ample space for parking as in the neighbouring cities of parking is the main problem for companies, that is why they are changing or planning to open IT office in Noida. If the configuration of the size of the same parts in Noida is above 5 hectares approximately and then allowed some part of the commercial on the ground floor. Infect, this type of plots that have area of more than 5 hectares can be saleable in parties.
IT plots are comes in particular of transfer and company both. A counsellor of real estate only will help you on the minority of the plots it as per the requirement of respective transfer. Kumar linkers expert has a master's degree in the in-depth knowledge of the documentation, since they have dealt with the simple and the complexity of the IT plots in Noida within past few years. Kumar linkers have the genuine and the maximum inventory direct in IT plot for sale in Noida.
As all the plots are aware it always heavy monetary transactions, since it involves either a popular name and large organization of the present or future that comes, so that this type of customer it always needs a professional real estate advisor, reliable, polite and with experience for their transactions and Kumar linkers expert has all these qualities that you can experience a time that is.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Corporate Plots in Noida for Sale - 09811022750

Noida is a major destination for real estate which as a consequence of the increasing demands for corporate plots in Noida, because the labour force has good connectivity in Noida with wider streets and a wide parking space, which is the main concern of current era for the companies.

Noida Corporate plots have 2 FAR according to the standards of the Noida Authority. In addition to 2 FAR, can make 2 basement parking and a parking stilts on the ground floor which gives ample space for parking as in the neighbouring cities of parking is the main theme of the company, which is why they are changing or intends to open its office in Noida. Will allow corporate plots have a size of more than 5 hectares to the sale in parties and approximately 25% of the space can be used for commercial activities. IT, ITES, software companies are allowed in the corporate plots for sale in Noida.

Corporate Plots Noida transfer has both individual and company. Noida is taking many sectors in which the corporate plots for sale in Noida are available.

Noida is having excellent facilities and proximity of transport (via metro, roads, highway of Noida) much-needed can be hire experts and professionals of the labor force in Delhi or neighbouring towns also.
Corporate Plots are heavy monetary transactions ​ ​range and involve high-class people that always need a professional real estate advisor, reliable, experienced, honest and polite. Kumar Linkers expert always are known for all these qualities by which you can call at any time as expert Kumar linkers are ready throughout the day to give their services without equal of the customers with the adequate satisfaction