Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Vastu Tips for Home by Kumar Linkers Estate Pvt Ltd

Your dream home is that the extension of time, everyone wants to remain prosperous in the house, but many times it does not. This architectural flaw may be. So house extension time has to be taken care of some architectural rules otherwise go ahead and many difficulties may occur.
Today we linked to virtually every part of the house are told about some architectural tips. The first process of building houses plot (plot) is characterized by the selection. If you want to buy a plot architectural conformity, particularly Keep track of these things,
Theory-building on the plot, thereby allowing time to note that only 60 percent of that is due only when you no longer need much more than this part of the manufactured part can be left open.

1. Plot of the corner, so it's best.

2. Around your plot should not be below the other plots or township. On rainy days, otherwise water can enter your home. Not enough air in the house will come.

3. Sewer, the factory pollution, dirt, cremation, burial or disposal of cattle dead-spots etc. Do not take the plot.

4- Plot around dilapidated houses, old well, should not be damaged temple or dent. The negative energy will be affected by the architectural aura.

5- Select the plot common way north. It can be placed at the north entrance of the house.

6- If your plot to the common way out even if the former is better. From the east as the sun comes out. The east side of the house to keep the mouth is good and healthy.

7. If possible, avoid taking Dkshinmuki plot.